Human trafficking is a serious issue in India, and Jharkhand is one of the most vulnerable states. Young girls are promised jobs in cities and are taken away from their families by trafficking agents. These girls are then sold off as child brides or domestic help in cities where they are underpaid and often sexually exploited. Help us as we take up a new initiative to reach out to trafficking victims and keep their numbers from increasing.

Development Focus promotes relevant and quality education for the most marginalized sections of society by engaging with and building the capacity of civil society actors such that it leads to educated, egalitarian and empowered communities

Development Focus New Project 

Last year we initiated the BridgeIT project in North Karnataka, and we expanded this into two additional clusters this year. So this year, we have taken the bold step to take BridgeIT all the way to the beautiful state of Mizoram in North East India. In partnership with COD NERC(Centre for Community Development through Network, Education, Research, and Capacity Building), a grassroots level local NGO, working with the rural poor in Mizoram, Development Focus started three new clusters in the district of Aizawl. Eight entrepreneurs were selected in each cluster and three of these young people became ‘cluster leads’. All these young people come from a poor socio-economic background and have the desire to create an enterprise. They are aged between 19 and 25, and ten are boys, and fourteen are girls. Since they have all experienced the struggles of living in this area and of being dependent on daily wage labour for a living, these young people have really embraced the opportunity provided to them through the BridgeIT initiative.

Our DF Magazine

Our project enable us to light up the villages we work in with solar lanterns. (A solar light can provide an opportunity for children to read and study at night. Women reported feeling safer with solar lights when they would go out on the fields  in the darkest hours of the night. The solar lights we provide also benefit the elderly, as well as farmers who need to tend their animals or irrigation at night time.)

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