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A program to prevent Trafficking of Adolescents

Dear Friends,

I’ve decided to do something different and raise support for Development Focus. This NGO is about to start a project to Prevent and Protect Adolescents from being Trafficked from the state of Jharkhand (India). I would be grateful for any contribution you can make. Contributing through LetzChange is easy, safe and ensures that 100% of the amount you donate reaches the project directly. Without these donations, serving these hapless youth will not be possible. Therefore, Development Focus relies on the generosity of individuals and community like you.

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Priya Kirubakaran
Program Coordinator
Master of Information Technology
Master of International Development

Diptty Joseph
Program Coordinator
Master of Philosophy
Master of Social Work, from Christ University, Bangalore

Sanjana K.S.
Accounts and Administration Officer
B. Com.

Emmanuel Raj
Assistant Project Officer

Communications and Fundraising Officer
Master in Social Analysis

The changing face of Philanthropy in India

The changing face of philanthropy in India

The changing face of Philanthropy in India

Author: Mohan Prabhu

Philanthropy and Giving in India is rapidly changing. The improved economic growth and a growing awareness/interest amongst Individuals, Philanthropists and Companies -private &  public, has influenced active ‘Giving’ and support of development initiatives in the country. Around this time last year, as many as 11 people, including members from the influential Nilekani, Bajaj and Godrej families, were honoured for their outstanding contribution towards the good of the society at the Forbes India Philanthropy Awards. The philanthropy awards were instituted by Forbes India to recognise the efforts of individuals who have given time, money, skill and expertise to solve some of the most pressing societal issues, to create model institutions and inspire others.

Rohini Nilekani, founder of Arghyam & Nandan Nilekani, Infosys co-founder who presently heads the Unique Identification Authority of India, won the second Forbes India Philanthropy Award in Outstanding Philanthropist category for the year 2013, and said”Philanthropy should go where markets don’t and governments can’t.”Earlier in 2013, Shri Azim Premji, Founder & Chairman of the Wipro group of industries, donated Rs. 10,000 crores for charity – probably the single biggest donation (in recent times) by a wealthy Indian, for the cause of fellow Indians – in poverty & need. Azim Premji said that he was deeply influenced by Gandhi’s notion of “holding one’s wealth in trusteeship, to be used for the betterment of society and not as if one owned it”. He has certainly walked the talk

Surely ‘Giving’ and ‘Philanthropy’ is fast evolving to the challenges of the present times-propelled on the one hand by the rights based development agenda of the government and the lack of commensurate impact of the economic growth in the lives of the poor and marginalized. They are fuelling and supporting innovation in development interventions that can demonstrate scalable, replicable models for the government to adopt. But the need of the hour is in building trust and synergies between Philanthropists and Corporate-CSRs and the Non-profit Organizations for scaled up collaboration to effectively address poverty & livelihood challenges, in the context of the resourcing space being vacated by the aid/funding agencies from the West, and calls for Indian Philanthropists and Corporates to step in and fill the void.

Many individuals have been quietly giving/supporting causes for the upliftment and sustainable development of the poor. Much of it has been sacrificial giving from the desire to do their bit for their lesser privileged country men/women, while others have given generously out of their wealth. In majority of the cases,such donors have channelized their resources through established, credible organizations working at the grass root level and larger NGOs/Foundations/Trusts with operational bandwidth.

As governments of the day- at the states and the Centre, grapple with making existing programs & schemes effective and efficient, it is imperative non state efforts by NGOs/VOs/Corporate-CSRs are encouraged, and pool their resources-intellectual, technical, managerial and financial, to address the complex poverty challenges and changing development needs/aspirations of the country. Non state efforts enjoy the tremendous advantages of flexibility in approach and ability to demonstrate scalable,sustainable projects that can influence changes in governments’ practices and policies.

The India of today-increasingly needs her citizens to support and be involved in initiatives to improve the lives of their lesser privileged co-citizens!!!

Unity against Child Marriage (UaCM) program launched

Unity Against Child Marriage (UaCM) Program is a program initiative by a Consortium of NGOs in Orissa, Jharkhand and Bihar and their supporting partners – Simavi, Edukans & dance 4 Life, in the states of Orissa, Jharkhand and Bihar.

Edukans counterpart in India, Development Focus and their 20 partner organizations (in 3 State Clusters) have initaited the UaCM program in Orissa and Jharkhand.  The program endeavors to work towards eradication/mitigation of Child/Early Marriage in these east Indian states.  The key objectives of the meet were to understand Child Marriage scenario in the targeted States of Odisha & Jharkhand, work with the communities in sensitizing and enabling them to address the issue and challenges in their households/communities; and share the expereinces with stakeholders to facilitate larger adpatation/replciation in the respective states.India is to objectively & subjectively address the issue at the community levels. 

CEOs of the particpating organziations and the Development Focus team met for two days on 16th & 17th October’ 2014, at Bhubaneshwar, for a Orientation on the subject by an expert on Chidl Marriage and SRHR Issues. This was followed by a particpatory development of Action Plan.

Some of the takeaways for the Heads of Partner Organizations were:

  • to passionately understand the plight of those children who are affected by forcefully being pushed into marriage at an early age of their adolescence (the apathy is very worse in the cases involving girl children & adolescents).
  • Evolve newer & innovative way of tactically addressing issue of Child Marriage at the community & village levels, as one of the core reasons for early marriage is bound to religion, tradition, culture & customs.

Development Focus is generating networking initiatives with other likeminded Organizations towards working in collectives for addressing Child Marriage problem in India.

More info about the Child Marriage Program @

DF and State Forum Jt. Planning Workshops

Development Focus and State Forum Joint Planning workshops

Development Focus and State Forums of Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Jharkhand have planned to conduct Joint Planning workshops. This is a follow up of the deliberations and decision of the Inter State Forum meeting held in Aug 2014 at Vizag.

The workshop will deliberate on:

  • Experiences from the the just concluded Basic Education Program – how best to strenghten the community hands to: sustain the gains made and for them to work with the Education Dept and the Gram Panchayats for the purpose.
  • Targeted Advocacy and Lobbying in ongoing collaborative programs with Development Focus
  • Emerging collaborative opportunities from CSR initiatives of the private and public sector commpanies and their demands/expectations on the Cluster POs and State Forums- how best to equip, be prepared  and respond
  • Emergence of new development initiatives in 'Skilling'; 'Clean & Renewable Energy'; 'Social & Micro Entreprenuership' – competencies and strategy for preparedness

The workshops will be held at:

  1. Raipur ( with Chhattisgarh Forum): 4th – 5th Fenruary 2015
  2. Sambalpur (with Orissa Forum):  6th -7th February, 2015
  3. Ranchi (with Jharkhand Forum):  9th – 10th February, 2015

Child Marriage Program – Stakeholder Experience Sharing Workshop

The dissemination process would characterises the achievement of outcomes and impacts the program has made .The emphasises is to show case the changes in behaviours, relationships, actions and/or activities of the people and organisations with which Child Marriage Program works directly. The contributions of the program, the influence on the stakeholders with whom it is working to effect change. These changes are referred to as outcomes and impacts. As a result, it can be more effective in terms to showcase the results it achieved and disseminating to the relevant stakeholders. The stakeholders would range from concerned Government departments, key policy makers, political leaders, independent experts in the concerned area, media and benefited stakeholders et al.

The proposed design for the state dissemination workshop is as follows:

  1. Welcome and Inauguration
  2. Key note address by Political leadership of the day or a senior Bureaucrat / principle secretary
  3. Brief sharing about the program – PPT/Video sharing by a cross section of stakeholders such as youth (girls and boys)/ Yuva Mitra, PRI members/ Parents/ Case studies/ Secretary.
  4. Release the publication on documentation on experiences of child marriage program.
  5. Panel discussion that would end with recommendations. Panellist should ideally be cross section of Govt, Independent Agency, CSO people moderated by Dev. Journalist.
  6. Interview of yuva mitra/ change agents/ community representatives’ by the media.


Stakeholders experience sharing workshop to be held in Ranchi and Bhubaneshwar by Development Focus and its 10 Partner Organizations.


Dates: Jharkhand – 27th August 2015, Odisha – 31st August 2015