Development Focus welcomes your interest in our work. We trust you had a pleasant browsing experience leading to this page. We hope the work we do interests you and enthuses you to consider further involvement. Development Focus offers many opportunities for your involvement in our work.

1) Support our work/Collaborate with us

Contribute towards a cause. Your support as an individual or as a group/ organization is valuable to us. We are happy to know that you care. Click here for donation details!

2) Internship

Students and young professionals are encouraged to Intern with us as part of their learning and career development. We provide the opportunity of exposure to development projects and experience and learn firsthand from field situations as they unfold.

3) Volunteering

We welcome working professionals with desire and passion to do something for their lesser privileged co-citizens to volunteer with us or our partner organziations. The volunteers are not paid a stipend/salary but in some cases their accommodation may be taken care of. This will be dependent on the duration, nature and timing of the association.

4) Join the Team

We encourage competent people with the commitment and passion to help us bring lasting change and transformation in the lives of children, youth and communities, to be part our team. You should be willing to work hard and as part of a team.

Please see this section for more details of specific job vacancies that may arise from time to time……….