Registration & Compliances


Development Focus is registered as a Trust in Bangalore, under the Indian Trusts Act-1961, vide No: BNG (U)-JNR IV/667/2005-2006. By virtue of the charitable nature of the work done, we are granted 80 G tax exemption (vide no. DIT(E)/202/80G/W-1/2006-07 with perpetual validity, which enables people donating to Development Focus (DF) to claim Income Tax exemptions on 50% of their donations.

DF is also authorized to receive foreign funds for development programs vide FCRA registration no. No: 094421359 dated 07/04/2010.

Details of Donor:

Donor Name: Edukans Foundation, P.O Box 1492, 3800 BL Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Amount Receipt: INR 7,21,417/ Eur 10,000

Date of Receipt: 04th February 2016

The finance department at DF in consultation with the Auditors – M/s R. K. Khanna & Associates, ensures all our statutory obligations are complied on time, returns filed as stipulated and all renewals obtained on time.