Vision, Mission and Values


A just and humane society that ensures equal opportunities for quality of life to every citizen of India through relevant and quality education to the most marginalized.


Development Focus promotes relevant and quality education for the most marginalized sections of society by engaging with and building the capacity of civil society actors such that it leads to educated, egalitarian and empowered communities


Hope | Respect | Commitment | Accountability | Transparency

  • To strengthen and capacitate civil society actors to address the educational "needs" of the most marginalized sections of society (tribes and backward communities from the last 20% of the economic scale, with a focus on gender sensitivity).
  • To ensure that "education" is inclusive of moral values, life skills, livelihood skills and appropriate technologies to improve the quality of life.
  • To empower and conscientize communities to claim their entitlements and to demand accountability from the system.
  • To facilitate social, economic and political empowerment within the community towards effective local governance.
  • To capacitate and facilitate engagement by civil society actors and communities with the state, to make policy-level changes.