Volunteering @ Development Focus

DF offers volunteering opportunities to young professionals as part of the organizational commitment to encourage and provide opportunities to working professionals, who desire to contribute to society by sharing experiences, utilizing technical/managerial skills in supporting development of children and youth, in Education, Clean Energy, Livelihood and Environment. Currently Volunteering opportunities are available in our projects implemented by our Partners in Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Jharkhand. This will enable experience and understand the complex inter-relationships between society, Education, Livelihood and Economy.

Volunteering at Development Focus can take several forms:
  1. Volunteering by providing professional/technical skills: This is for working professionals who are interested in giving back to society, by volunteering their professional/technical skills and expertise to Development Focus by value adding in the areas of documentation, web design, developing customized software packages, front office management, fund raising support, etc. This is taken either during their vacation or during their work assignment for a period of 15-30 days.
  2. Volunteer – Short duration: This is for primarily for working professionals who desire to get involved for a short duration in the office to or field locations by sharing their expertise in training, documentation, fund raising, organizing a fund raiser, etc.
Conditions for Volunteering:
  1. You must be committed to provide voluntary services as per the agreement. Development Focus encourages committed people who are moved in the spirit of 'giving back to society' by giving their time and skills in a framework of mutual learning.
  2. Volunteers are responsible for their own travel arrangement (flights, trains, buses to and from Bangalore; etc)
  3. Volunteers are expected to maintain the highest standard of personal behaviour and ethics while with the community, displaying humility and integrity and gratefulness for the opportunity
  4. A nominal one time administrative fees will be charged for certain volunteering opportunities – Field Exposure/NGO placement and short duration types

Presentation of learnings from work/exposure and/or Feedback:
Volunteers will be issued a Certificate or acknowledgement after completing a presentation of their work and learning and/or submission of the feedback form.

Applications submission:
Interested students/working professional should submit their completed application 4- 6 weeks in advance in the prescribed form (download a copy of the application pack) along with their letter of request/recommendation from the head of Institution of HR head.