Why Us

Development Focus is an organization rooted in the values of: Hope; Respect; Commitment; Accountability and Transparency

Our programs are designed to instill hope and confidence of a better tomorrow, in the children and youth

We respect: the inherent strength of the communities in shaping their own lives and destinies;  a different view point in our dialogue with stakeholders and supporters

We are committed to empowering communities to claim their development rights and entitlements

We believe in upholding the highest standards of accountability

We value transparency; it defines key areas of our work: planning, implementation, monitoring, reporting and communication

Our programmatic strategy gives us several distinct advantages, that includes:

  • Programmatic Approach that recognizes complimentarity and value addition, and provides us the ‘USP’ of: ‘Scale’, ‘Geographical Reach’ and ‘Cost Effectiveness’
  • Reaching the most marginalized & and people on the fringes of society and remotely located communities
  • Network of Partner Organizations with multi thematic experiences, enriching our development understanding, design and application of innovative programmatic interventions, synergies for maximzing results, ability to advocate/influence practices & policies
  • Strategic Alliances and Consortiums at the country level and at the international level